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Cebu White Sands is a private family-owned resort hotel located on the east coast of Mactan Island. It is only 20 minutes by car from the Mactan – Cebu International Airport and 40 minutes away from the historic island of Cebu. The resort’s 86 guest rooms are situated on a 2-hectare property carefully developed to create that perfect blend of turn-of-the- century Philippine architecture and modern facilities for style and comfort.

Who We Are?

Cebu White Sands is owned and operated by a family corporation based in Cebu City, Philippines. Open since 1995, the resort was initially developed as an amenity to White Sands Resort Villas, a residential subdivision located just right across the street. It is now operating independently and has grown to be a favorite destination for locals and travellers alike.

Royal Koi Pond

The word “koi” comes from the Japanese word meaning “carp.” Also known as nishikigoi, literally meaning “brocaded carp”, these are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp. Koi also means “love or affection”, therefore making them symbols of love and friendship in Japan.

Here at Cebu White Sands, we pride ourselves as the first and so far only resort in Cebu with several ponds specially designed and built to inhabit these magnificent creatures. These ponds have been given extra special attention as to proper filtration, aeration, pond depth and even sunlight exposure. Our koi are hand-fed by our trained personnel and are given only the best koi food available to ensure proper growth and excellent quality made evident by the maintenance of their trademark bright colors.


Daily flights take you from Manila to Cebu and vice-versa approximately an hour. Alternatively, you may opt for a direct international flight from Narita, Osaka, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, or Kuala Lumpur to the Mactan – Cebu International Airport.

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